These are Gum Removal UK’s primary services. If you would like for us to price up an area to be cleaned then please use our ‘Sales Enquiry Form‘.

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PEDESTRIAN AREAS RENOVATED – Our machines, when applied to areas that have been subjected to environmental dirt and droppings, restore the paths and pavements to a visually improved and spotless condition that maybe you have never seen before. Typical methods used by most contractors use up to 2500 litres of water an hour where as our machines use 90% less than that and we also recycle the used water.

SPECIALIST COATINGS – At Gum Removal UK we offer coatings to protect against future blemishes to our recently cleaned areas, and these can last for upto 25 years.

GRAFFITI REMOVAL – We use two types of machinery for this process. For the outside we use the MODI HWE 100, using temperatures of up to 175 degrees Celsius and a low pressure of up to 18 bar. We use environmentally friendly biodegradable cleaning solutions that won’t damage or ‘bleach’ brickwork.

We can also coat surfaces with an anti-graffiti surface sealer that protects for up to 20 years. All that would be required to remove graffiti on treated surfaces would be soap and water or, on rough surfaces, a soft bristle brush may be needed along with a mild pressure wash.

SALES – Our MoDi products are for sale in the UK & EIRE. We also offer a hire service that enables you to continue work while your MoDi is being serviced or repaired. There is a 4-8 week wait at present for these products but we also stock spares so please E-mail your requirements.

We also offer a 12 month warranty on the HWE 100, BR 700 HB and water collection pump and, if it is found that the fault is a result of liability towards the manufacturer, you will be able to use the replacement sent until your original machine is repaired and fully functional.

DEBUGGING – We offer this service to hotels, universities, hospitals and large accommodation units. The items due debugging are subject to a treatment of up to 192 degrees Celsius on suitable areas. This ensures that most bacteria and living organisms within the item are destroyed. We then spray the items for freshness and the items are reusable after 3 hours. This is an on-site operation only.

OIL AND GREASE CLEAN UP – This service is usually performed in restaurants, car parks and garage forecourts. We use our low pressure MoDi units on these surfaces as block paving is a common surface we have come across in garage forecourts.

Using the MoDi as opposed to high pressure steam means that you will not have to bear the cost of a replaced surface in time, as high pressure lances and water jet units can be the cause of loose joints and broken or damaged seals.

PEDESTRIAN AREAS CLEANED – This is our most popular service used. Look at our gallery photo 1 and see our demo at a bus shelter in Germany. Then look at photo 2 and see how a block paved area in Southend on Sea looked after a street cleaning machine using brushes and water cleaned all but the chewing gum deposits. Using MoDi you would be left with a beautiful cleaned paved area.

Again we use only biodegradable, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions on all surfaces. As it is low pressure steam being used, there would be no splash back on show. Coke, ice cream, oil and grease, chocolate and sediments from the environment would be eradicated, leaving a fresh and attractive sight for residents and visitors in your area; thus resulting in repeat tourism which is good for the economy and shop keepers alike.

FLY POSTER REMOVAL – Using the MoDi’s high temperature steam lance we can remove unsightly, unwanted posters from street furniture, shop fronts and anywhere that is accessible in just a few minutes. We can then also apply a coating which gives effective protection against fly posting. Once applied, posters will not adhere to treated surfaces. Once dry, they will fall off or easily peel off by hand. This coating is permanent and this is not a sacrificial system so all that would be required is just the easy removal of posters.

DOMINO EFFECT – This is what we call areas that have had the chewing gum only removed and in areas of medium to heavy environmental pollution as the finished appearance resembles a domino. So either another contractor comes into the clean area again or it is left. Our machines will clean the entire site leaving an attractive feel to the areas where we have cleaned.

EMERGENCY CALL OUT – 01206-266845

You can acquire our services usually within a 24 hour notice period if an emergency arose. We have teams of operatives for the Southern and Northern areas of the UK from our call centres on the numbers above. What constitutes as an emergency? Overnight graffiti, last minute plans prior to an event etc. Basically anything that you feel our services are required for.

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